Who are we?

Established in 1995, Kilderry is an industrial automation company based in Wexford, Ireland, employing a team of specialist engineers, accounts and sales engineering.

Process Control

PLC controlled systems for process control, robotics, pumping applications, wind turbines, biogas plants, water/waste water plants and general automation.


Citect, Vijeo Citect and Movicon Next SCADA solutions for plant control, automation trending, reporting and alarms.

Ruggadised Controls

Ruggadised control systems for tar, chipping trucks, milk trucks, engine control and monitoring, farm machinery.

We specialise mainly in the industrial software development area in Ireland and overseas. We have expertise in fields such as water, waste water, pumping systems, robotics, process control, concrete batching, milk collection systems, telemetry, radio systems, robotics, SCADA systems, conveyor systems, chemical batching, wet / dry biogas plants, composting plants, mobile automation systems, alarm callout systems, PLC training courses, tar / chipping trucks, wind turbine controls, instrumentation and electrical panel design.

The main PLC platforms we offer are Schneider, Modicon, IFM codesys, Bosch Rexroth codesys, Eaton codesys, Festo Codesys, Allen-Bradley and Siemens. We offer Citect, Vijeo Citect and Movicon SCADA solutions. The main PLC families we use are M580, M340, M241, M251, Schneider Premium, Eaton, Festo, IFM, Beckhoff and other systems.

PLC Families

Schneider, Eaton, IFM, Festo, Bosch Rexroth, Beckhoff


Unity Pro, PL7Pro, Codesys 2, Codesys 3


Citect, Vijeo Citect, Movicon


Unity Pro, PL7-Pro, Codesys, Vijeo Designer


-- Piper Systems Case Study --

Case study of Kilderry software supplied to Piper Systems Ltd for their milk truck collection systems.

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