Industry Solutions

Automation and control solutions for Industrial and Factory Automation, Environmental and Energy and Mobile Applications

Service Level Support

Support level agreements for plant. Rapid diagnosis of site issues, software upgrades, site mods.


Water, waste water, pumping systems, composting plants and swimming pool controls .

Mobile solutions

Milk collection systems, tar / chipping trucks, engine control and monitoring, locomotive control, fishing boats, farm machinery.


Dry and wet biogas control systems, wind turbine controls and water powered electrcity generation.


Robotic machines, process control, concrete batching, conveyor systems, chemical batching systems, production control.

SCADA and Historian

SCADA and Historian solutions for environmental, energy and factory applications.

PLC Families

Schneider, Eaton, IFM, Festo, Bosch Rexroth


Unity Pro, PL7Pro, Codesys 2, Codesys 3


Citect, Vijeo Citect, Movicon


Unity Pro, PL7-Pro, Codesys, Vijeo Designer

Specific Solutions

Bio Gas Facilities Wet/Dry
Composting Facilities
Concrete Batching Plants
Conveyor Systems
Data Logging
Engine Control and Monitoring
Milk Truck Collection Systems
PLC Programming
Pumping Controls
Radio surveys
Radio systems
Robotic Machine Automation
SCADA Systems
Software Validation
Tar and Chipping Truck Automation
VB and .NET Programming
Water and Waste Water Plants
Wind Turbine Automation

Products and Services

Remote support

Remote access support to sites including PLCs, SCADA and HMIs. Gives the customer peace of mind in the event of a non critical or critical site issue.

Design from concept

Realise a concept using the most modern technology available from the drawing board through to implementation.

Training courses

Schneider family PLC software courses, Schneider HMI, Proces-Data systems training basic, Custom courses available on request.